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Loyalty Program – Save Money

Affording the medications you need can be a challenge, but missing a dose isn’t an option. Even with insurance, many people struggle with steep out-of-pocket expenses. We understand the dilemma many families face when it comes to paying health-related costs, which is why we started the Alps Loyalty Program.

The Alps Loyalty Program helps members more easily afford their prescriptions. By becoming a member you can receive deep discounts on many popular prescriptions, with some medications as low as $4-$10. We also offer competitor price-matching whenever possible.

Joining our loyalty program is free and fast – call today and learn how you can become a member and start saving.

The Alps Loyalty Program helps you to more easily afford your medications.

I have been an Alps Pharmacy for over 7 years.  My daughter has a genetic disorder and Alps explains things very well and they are very knowledgeable about medications and what goes on with her. I never feel out of the loop on anything.
Kim B.
I LOVE ALPS pharmacy, I have never, ever found a pharmacy that cares as much about my health and well-being as they do. They’ve always got my back when I’m not feeling well, so when I am doing O.K. I love to go in  and let them know how much they mean to me.
Patty B.
We have been customers for 0ver eight years.  Alps Pharmacy has very nice people.  They will do anything to help you and answer all of your questions.  Their prices are the best and will work with your insurance company and that is wonderful because it sure helps out.
Bob & Myrtle
Good quality customer service!
Rusty E.
Alps a 5-star Pharmacy!
Miranda W.
Best. Pharmacy. EVER.
Stephanie L.
I have been an Alps customer since they opened.  Alps is so good about reminding me about my medicines.  They call me and let me know it’s time to come and pick them up. They also have the best prices.
Brenda C.
Alps Pharmacy helps me with my diabetes medication. The pharmacist even noticed another medicine that should not be taken with my particular  prescription. She got it fixed and even worked with my doctor.
Larry C.
Alps Pharmacy is more than great, they are totally excellent.  They are family.  I walk in they talk to me, they don’t ignore their customers. They are top of the line quality & in price on my prescriptions and even over-the-counter.

The Medications You Need

At Fair Prices

Alps Loyalty Program

This is a FREE service available to anyone who signs up.  We offer a list of discounted medications.

Low Priced Prescriptions

With the Alps Loyalty Program, some prescriptions are as low as $4 to $10. Check with our staff for more information.

Price Matching

We will price-match a competitor pharmacy’s price whenever possible.

Lower Prices

We take pride in offering customers the best possible prices. A discount for us means a discount for you.

Alps Loyalty Program

Let us simplify your life, starting by improving your pharmacy experience. Just call our friendly staff at either location or fill out this form for more information.

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